A Great Natural World Volunteer Opportunity Nearby

Jul 10, 2023 | News

Are you interested in being outdoors and working around professionals helping the environment? Or greeting people at a visitor center with a turtle and fish as your office mate?  The Friends of Old Woman Creek is helping spread the word about a unique and rewarding volunteer opportunity.

Old Woman Creek, the National Estuarine Research Reserve and State Nature Preserve on US 6 just east of Huron, is seeking volunteers and now has a new online site where you can easily apply.

Type in Old Woman Creek/Volunteer in your search engine and it will take you to the new link.  Or you can click here to reach the website.

Volunteers will get to work with a team of environmental professionals who conduct research, education, training, and stewardship activities related to the Old Woman Creek estuary and other Lake Erie coastal ecosystems, the site says.

Robin Taylor, the Old Woman Creek staff member who coordinates the volunteers, says opportunities abound but right now the biggest need is for volunteers to help rid the trails of the invasive garlic mustard plant and pull out the invasive frogbit plant from the estuary.  

“The website asks you to list your interests and we’ll try to find the best fit for you”, Taylor said. 

“Another important job is volunteering at the front desk, greeting and helping visitors and assisting staff”, says Reserve Manager Janice Kerns.

Education volunteers can assist with school programs, canoe trips, hiking  and learning labs.  Research includes water chemistry analysis in the lab or water sampling in the creek, checking   water quality, and identifying lab zooplankton. 

The volunteer site asks for when you could work, any limitations, or if you have special skills, like retired teacher, woodworker, CPR certified or know sign language.

If you have questions, call Robin at 567-623-4873 or email her at Roberta.taylor@dnr.ohio.gov. Or you can also contact the Old Woman Creek Visitor Center at owc@dnr.ohio.gov or by calling 419-433-4601.